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THE AUTHOR Pink Tortoise

Sale price€280,00

THE AUTHOR takes its name from the archetype that embodies creativity, independence and self-expression at the highest level. These are the qualities we admire the most in authors, who are never afraid to challenge conventions and are driven by a desire to evoke emotions and connect with others.

With its minimalistic squared design, THE AUTHOR embodies the essence of refinement and sophistication, with a thinner premium acetate build which conveys simplicity and elegance. Despite its essential design, THE AUTHOR preserves PORTRAIT’s distinctive features, especially the under-reliefs on the keyhole bridge and bold cuts on the temples juxtaposed to soft curves on the frame’s body.

The square shape is perfect for those who prefer a classic, highly wearable, understated look making THE AUTHOR the perfect addition to any complexion and style.

THE AUTHOR Pink Tortoise
THE AUTHOR Pink Tortoise Sale price€280,00