1. Do you sell glasses with prescription?
    Sorry, but we do not. Our eyewear brand sells frames for prescription eyeglasses that the buyer then needs to take to a qualified optometrist to be fitted with the corresponding prescription. We also sell Sunglasses that include all the lenses-filters, produced according to the European Community top quality standards.

  2. Why Portrait Eyewear?
    We believe that in this rapidly and ever more increasingly transparent society, the new economic models need to have the courage to build something up from a true essence, reducing the distance between perceived and real value and generating cooperative environments. Our product design is totally original. Our shapes have been carefully studied to create a product with a NEW character. When creating PORTRAIT Eyewear, we dedicated a long time to the study of the shapes, choosing a distinctive way to design our frames. To this matter, other than implementing original materials and new technologies, we offer shapes whose inspiration comes from elements associated to the visual arts fields in general, such as the polygon-art trend and the minimalistic-contemporary design.

  3. What are Portrait Eyewear's extra values?
    Our production process, in all its steps, strongly adheres to socially responsible and environmentally- friendly practices. All of our suppliers have an energy-efficient philosophy and follow the principles of a sustainable business. Even the last supply-chain step, that is, our product packaging production, counts on FSC recycled cardboard; its design is totally foldable (no-glue needed) and completely original. It ensures safe product delivery, combining the principles of a design-product-wrapping and a resistant delivery packing.

  4. What are the features that make the product innovative?
  • Original shapes and design.
  • The combination of curvy and sharp lines and precious finishes.
  • Low-relief milling above the nose bridge and sharp milling in the temples, all details that recall a brand character and identity without using any logos.
  • All these suppose complex and precious workmanship, entirely handmade in Italy.
  • No presence of visible logos.

  • How does the emerging artists' campaign work?
    For personal passion and a profound admiration towards genuine artists, those who risk everything to give a deeper meaning to society Portrait Eyewear represents an opportunity to highlight such a laudable talent, setting the basis for a cooperative symbiosis with emerging artists by sponsoring their image -as extraordinary real people- through our product's communication strategy. Our intention is to continuously increase our artists' network by honoring their work and letting them be known beyond their immediate arena. If you are an artist and would like to chat with us, please contact us through info@portraiteyewear.com

  • How else can I support Portrait Eyewear?
    Our project doesn't limit its goal of creating a new brand and a new business venture. Through PORTRAIT Eyewear, you are directly contributing to the local-market and supporting genuine craftsmen, as well as a group of emerging artists, both of which are roles that are in great danger in the actual market currently. You can be of great help by sharing our project’s info and images through your social network profiles, by emailing it or just by talking about it. Your opinion is also very important to us, please feel free to send it through the following email: info@portraiteyewear.com

  • Product Warranty
    PORTRAIT Eyewear guarantees an excellent quality product with all finishes adhering to the handcrafted manufacturing nature. Some of these details shouldn't be considered as flaws but as extra values of a genuine handmade luxury glasses piece. Once you receive the eyewear, should any part prove defective in either materials or manufacture, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Our warranty does not cover any damage resulting from mishandling, accidental or unauthorized repair or alteration. PORTRAIT Eyewear follows the international standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013/ Amd 1: 2015; ANSI Z80.3-2015 e AS-NZS 1067: 2003/ Amd 1: 2009
    • Shipping policy
      We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders worldwide. Once an order is dispatched, an email will be sent to you confirming the shipping company details and the tracking number.
    • Please note that shipments to PO mailboxes are not possible and will be automatically cancelled.
    • On average orders it takes around 2-3 working days to ship to Europe, 3-5 working days for United States & Canada, 5-10 working days for the rest of the world.
    • Please note that delivery times are an estimation. PORTRAIT is not responsible for any delays due to customs clearance or payment issues.
    • Questions about the Shipping Policy should be sent to us at sales@portraiteyewear.com.
    • What kind of filter categories do your lenses have?
    • Filter Category 2 (Range of luminous transmittance 18% / 43 %): Sunglasses for regular use, designed to reduce glare from daylight in all normal use conditions. UV Protection.
    • Filter Category 3 (Range of luminous transmittance 8% / 18 %): Sunglasses for regular use, designed to reduce glare from daylight in all normal use conditions. UV Protection. Never use the glasses to look directly at the sun. The filters, although complying with mentioned standards, are not suited for exposure to artificially-produced UV rays. Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards. Sunglasses are not suited to drive at dusk or at night.

    • How to take care of your eyeglasses?
      For cleaning, use a soft cloth suitable for sensitive surfaces. Use only mild and non-abrasive soap. DO NOT use any type of solvent or alcohol for cleaning.

    • Trademark information
      The product has been Hand-made in Italy in Valdobbiadene (TV). This product has trade-mark protection, all rights belong to PORTRAIT Eyewear Srli, Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

    • Where is the stock-based and where does the shipping come from?
      The product will be shipped from Bassano del Grappa, Italy. We offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide.  *PLEASE NOTE: For deliveries outside European Union, some Customs may charge duties for the item coming into the country.

    • What do I get by purchasing a pair of PORTRAITs (or anything else indicated as part of your purchase)?
      Your PORTRAITs come in an original design cardboard packaging, winner of the German Design Award 2016. This box is made entirely from recycled materials and has an FSC certificate. It is included a microfiber pouch bag, a hard eyewear case for your new PORTRAITs protection and a warranty-brochure.