Freshen Your Style With These Amazing DIY Tips!

A unique style requires a certain degree of creativity and originality that fast fashion or simply catching up with latest trends cannot always guarantee.

Often, the most stylish fashion enthusiasts tend to mix designer clothes or more timeless pieces with original accessories, even if they're out of context, giving their look just the right sophisticated appearance.

That element emphasises your personality, expressed without fear.

DIY is an excellent alternative that can add a different touch to the usual pieces.

We'd love to give you some extra tips that fashion experts follow to achieve a unique style without being easily imitated.

Add vintage brooches, jewellery trims, buckles and other elements to your outfit.

Denim and pins

The next time you're browsing a secondhand market do not hesitate to take a look at the accessories they offer.

That embossed brooch or even those 60’s plastic earrings with rhinestones and pendants can become the perfect extra-garment in your look. Also, a cowboy style buckle or those handmade trims can be incorporated into your usual pieces.

A denim jacket and a suede mini skirt can take on a totally new look by adding elements like these.

Pins are also very versatile and can be used in combination with others (if you want to exaggerate a little) to add new personality to each piece of clothing.

Don't be afraid to take some things out of context.

Who said that the perfect look is to follow the rules to the letter?

Some pieces of clothing that are thought as part of a suit or that are intended to be cocktail-oriented can be mixed with more casual items creating a curious and successful contrast.

Blazers, three-quarter skirts or even heels can be contrasted with cotton t-shirts or a pair of jeans (maybe ripped) to fulfill a casual and original “dress-code”.

Remember not to exaggerate with anything to avoid putting the elements of your outfit into competition; few exceptions are enough to state your style without losing elegance.


Give new life to your old denim

Model wearing denim jacket

Bored of your old denim items? Distressed clothes are still essential pieces in a wardrobe, for that super cool grungy style!

Don't be afraid to experiment and brush ahead with a stone or a sanding sponge until the fabric gets that rugged vintage mood!


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