Matt Goad

Matt Goad is an American artist born in Indianapolis in 1970. His hard edged geometric and colorful art style, developed in his days as a commercial graphic designer and illustrator, are his way of finding meaning and joy in a complex universe.

Growing up living in multiple regions of the U.S. instilled a love for nature, diversity of cultures and an interest in the complex history of a disparate America.

Matt’s work is in private collections around the world and has been published in numerous art and design magazines and books. In 2021 he was the subject of a documentary short for PBS’s syndicated program Gallery America.

Artwork: “OKConnected” 40,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring.

In 2018 Matt’s proposed public art concept was selected for a new $89 million expansion at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. The work gives the traveler a sense of place by connecting the story of Oklahoma’s history to its colorful cultures, places and industries today.

Artwork: “Think Small Dream Big” mural on drywall

An example of his interest in history can be seen in this time traveling mural which tells the ironic story of the Volkswagen Beetle, from its dark origins in Nazi Germany, to becoming a symbol for peace and love in America in the 1960s and beyond.

Artwork: “A Mother’s Love” 4x4’ acrylic on canvas

Here the viewer is greeted by a mother bear protecting her cubs who are horrified by what they are about to witness. Conceptually it’s the last thing the viewer will ever see. Love as a powerful and fierce force of nature is a theme that fascinates Matt and is common in much of his work.

“Since I was two years old, I knew that one day I would be an artist. Growing up the son of a preacher our family moved across the US, almost yearly, eventually landing in the desert southwest. This experience gave me a unique perspective of the diverse nature and cultures of America. My main set of friends then were ones I created in my drawing notebooks. With an encouraging family and some notable teachers my love of creating art developed into a passion. Commercial graphic design was a stepping stone and a valuable one in that it helped me hone in on the graphic bold style I would carry into my illustration and eventually my fine art. I am a lover of nature, history, music, and great stories and I try to incorporate elements of these, to varying degrees, into each piece I create.” –Matt Goad, 2019


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