Johnny Carrano

Johnny Carrano has always wanted to turn the art of creativity into his job and life. He started expressing himself through photography, while living in New York City when he was 22 years old – there, he managed to find and explore his own aesthetic and sensibility, also thanks to the energy released by the city he was living in. After taking an English course and engaging in a number of freelance photographer jobs in New York, Johnny goes back to Italy and co-founds, together with Valentina Carraro, the independent online magazine The Italian Rêve, becoming its Art Director from the very outset, a role he still holds today. Two years after the launch of the magazine, he founds TIR Production, an agency dealing with video&photo production, and communication management.

During these years, his desire to express himself through the camera becomes stronger and stronger, and he seconds it experimenting both in the fashion and beauty world with The Italian Rêve, and engaging in personal productions that, ever since his first experiments, have had a very successful run within the film festival circuit. 

The Chase

His love for cinema, which he recognizes as the best way to express himself, as it’s clearly visible in his work, becomes more and more tangible with the writing, production and post-production of his short film “La Cacciatrice di Cascate” (“The Waterfall Huntress”).

Despite the challenging panorama of Italian independent cinema, the project is financed through a crowdfunding campaign and is critically acclaimed in both international and local film festivals, with multiple Official Selections and best short film, best director, best editing, and best actress awards (Dumbo Film Festival, Universal Film Festival, Varese International Film Festival, etc.).

La Cacciatrice di Cascate - Short Film

His work as Art Director with The Italian Rêve brings him closer and closer to the world of cinema, also and above all during experiences like the Venice International Film Festival. Venice is where he meets director, author and eclectic filmmaker Mark Cousins, who, after occupying his jury seat at the Festival, has his “Women Make Film,” starring Jane Fonda, Tilda Swinton, and Thandie Newton, premiere there, a movie navigating the history of cinema through the work of female directors. 

Johnny, enchanted by his work, knowledge, and sensibility, decides to embark on a new journey with TIR Production and make a documentary about and starring Mark Cousins: “The Flowers The Fish and The Cockerel,” filmed in late 2019. The documentary, entirely self-produced, is currently on the film festival circuit. 

At the age of 28, Johnny writes his first feature film (finished in 2021) which allows him to express himself once again, this time in an ever-more complete way, as he manages to merge everything he’s been experimenting with so far: emotions, aesthetics, vision, and narrative. A pre-production project seeking funding for its making.  

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