Constanza Camila Kramer Garfias

Constanza Camila Kramer Garfias is a Chilean Munich-based artist who has dedicated herself to textiles. Her critical examination of the textile medium is as much in the foreground as the reflection of her origins.

„0067-02-500“, 2019, Jacquardweave, 205 x 145 cm

With previous works such as HYPERISM (2019), Costanza has dealt with the history of her ancestors, the native people living in Chile called Mapuche, to show the importance of their culture and their knowledge on cosmology. She has also studied theories of postcolonialism and has developed artistic methods to deconstruct colonial structures in textiles.

„051-0001-799“, 2019, Jacquardweave, 210 x 145 cm

Costanza intends to take the textiles medium to the limits of its form by combining both handicraft and industrial techniques. Her main intention is to transform society's traditional perception of textiles in and make them a full-fledged genre of visual art.


„Mega Atobaahn“, 2022, Jacquardweave and metal chains, approx. 150 x 160 cm

Constanza Camila Kramer Garfias holds a Master of Arts degree in Textiles from the Burg Giebichenstein University in Germany. In 2017 and 2018 she moved to Japan to learn traditional ancient techniques from Japanese dyeing masters on how to create natural colors with plants.

In her Munich laboratory, she experiments with fabrics on her handlooms and analyses traditional Japanese dyeing methods, applying this knowledge to her dyes.

Costanza also grows dye plants such as Indigo and Woad in order to develop Jacquard fabrics with the contribution of manufacturers from Como, Italy.

Owing to her interest in combining artistic work with philosophical theories, she recently began studying Philosophies at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich in October 2020.

For her Jacquard artwork from the HYPERISM project, she received one of four Honorable Mention Awards from the International KOGEI Award 2020 and was included in the Arts and Design Museum exhibition in Toyama, Japan.


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