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Chiara Tubia

Eastern and Western philosophies, folklore and spirituality as a means to study the relationship with ourselves, the others and the universe, in an open dialogue between the individual, contemporary society and historical-cultural roots. This is at the core of Chiara Tubia's artistic work.

Chiara, an Italian artist born in 1982 in San Donà di Piave (Venice), sees contemporary art as a transforming tool. Fascinated by the mysteries of humankind and the universe, she began early to question reality as a concept, as well as the infinite potential of the Being.

Simultaneously to her official studies, she dedicated, in fact, to deepen various holistic disciplines, traveling, experimenting and researching on the analogy between spirit, mind and body, confronting also the Eastern wisdom with the most recent concepts of Western science.

Her multidisciplinary language finds various formal solutions and artistic expressions ranging from installation to sculpture, performance, audio, video, painting and photography. Her art has an introspective start point, from the unconscious it aims to reach a higher and more cognitive level of the self, becoming the vehicle of a universal and profound message.

Her work is often characterized by multiple readings, where research, experimentation thus outcome itself, are mixed in an integrated artistic path. Therefore the process becomes as important as the result.

In 2020 Chiara Tubia has taken part in PORTRAIT Eyewear’s yearly artists campaign. The independent Italian brand therefore known for its relation to contemporary art and for designing experimental opticals and sunglasses inspired by different artistic movements has kept its mission of becoming a channel of endorsement for emerging figures.

Honouring its name, the brand uses the release of new products as an opportunity to “portray” interesting new artists that deserve people’s attention. Creators that “we claim to be the real models of society”, says Valentina Hernandez - CEO of the company, “thus reinforcing the vision of creativity, courage and innovation the world needs”.

"COME. HAVE A SEE_" Artists' CAMPAIGN invites the audience to go through the artists eyes. To look beyond their own reflection, up to their intimate world. A welcoming permission to"see" instead of to "seat", inside.

Whereas the reverse shot of the campaign shows an abstraction of the artists' introspective space. A PORTRAIT of their (ART) self.

Chiara has exhibited in Italy and abroad, she’s set up in-situ installations, landscapes art-interventions and performances, collaborating also with various fields, aiming to “awake our true self”.

Other exhibitions count the 15th Contemporary Journey organised by AMACI at the Edge gallery in Dhaka, Bangladesh (2019). Participating at the artistic residence of Venice Galleries View (2020), as well as at the Majhi International art residency in Venice and Bangladesh (2019); and the International art symposium in Luxor, Egypt (2016). 

She has performed in public spaces at the Ex Convento dei Crociferi, Venice (2019); the Dazio di Porta Nuova during Milan Design Week (2019); Sant’Andrea degli Aromatari’s Church when Palermo was chosen as Capital of Culture (2018); at the Iseo Lake, Brescia (2018); and San Donà di Piave’s Piazza Indipendenza during the River Festival (2017).

Other interesting performances have taken place in Assam and Uttarakhand, India (2017) and Forte Mezzacapo, Venice (2015). She has done solo exhibitions at Santa Maria Assunta’s Oratory, Venice (2017), Villa Farsetti, Venice (2016), Paggeria Arte, Modena (2015), among other group exhibitions and festivals worldwide.