When PORTRAIT transitioned from an exciting idea between brother and sister to a legitimate eyewear brand, we knew it was essential to stay true to our original vision:

Conciliate a handmade product of premium quality with a strong artistic identity rooted in our passion for aesthetics and design.

We believe art is always fueled by the artist's vision, but needs concrete actions to reach a wider platform of art lovers and enthusiasts. With this in mind, we proudly launched PORTRAIT’s Art Incubator

The main purpose of the Art Incubator is to create an ecosystem of artists, talented individuals from all artistic currents and expressions, whose creative output is the result of research, experimentation. Our criteria for selecting our artists are based on identifying their vision in a clear way, and their desire to be innovative and most of leave a lasting impact in the world with their art.

To support this vision, The Art Incubator comes in support with an effective network of professionals that help artists to become part of the art network, with placements on galleries, press releases and communication, knowing that the artist often is fully committed to his vision to be effective in sustaining pr activities and be sustained by real business models

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Something more than a project, Portrait's Art Incubator, is more like a platform to articulate and build the community of emerging artists around the world, incubate their talent under the slogan “Portrait Frames the Artist in You” and bridge them with potential sponsors and/or buyers, while positioning their talent in the mainstream arena.

The purpose of this ecosystem is to have a thriving environment in which each one of our artists has their tailored service and is also free to spark collaborations with other artists in our ecosystem.