The Art Incubator

Portrait Eyewear is a luxury brand, handmade in Italy that is born from design experimentation and combines manufacturing tradition + new production technologies and in Limited Edition. The result is a product of the highest quality, strong identity and innovative design.

Our community of artists is a group of talented figures whose artwork is the result of experimentation, research and that have been carefully selected by our team under the requirement of innovation in beauty and content of their own art. 

Portrait has made it possible to gather a group of talented partners in the art field, ready to grow with the brand’s vision of “a world committed to artistic excellence and its potential to transform society, following the principles of meaningful economy and well-being” which can be morphed into multiple business models that aren’t only product-based.

This is Portrait's Art Incubator, a platform to articulate and build the community of emerging artists around the world, incubate their talent under the slogan “Portrait Frames the Artist in You” and bridge them with potential sponsors and/or buyers, while positioning their talent in the mainstream arena.



• Selection of the artists
• Valuation of the projects and guidance for realisation on timely transposition assuring an effective implementation of the funds.


• Presentation of the project to our partners
• Fundraising and gradual delivery of the funds based on project management.


• Documenting of the artwork making process. Content creation to address through:

• PR services
• Digital Mkt Strategy toincrease positioning and finalartwork valuation.


• Delivery and display.

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