Soey Milk, Between Realism & Abstraction


Intense, tender, passionate: that's Soey Milk’s work, where the real and the abstract, the East and the West meet. The Korean-born, Los Angeles based artist paints porcelain faces and bare alabaster bodies, often placing them in undefined and abstract scenarios.


Soey Milk, Artwork, Artists, Los Angeles, Portrait


Soey Milk, artwork, Los Angeles, Painting, Portrait


In her paintings the Korean tradition references are recalled, in the tender but mysterious looks of her subjects. The candid skin wrinkles of her models, floating among the objects that Soey Milk paints, hide a whole universe made of subtle sensations and tiny details that describe a world between fantasy and reality.



Esther Ruiz, The geometry of Emotions



Esther Ruiz, Neon art, Artist, Los Angeles



Esther Ruiz builds her sculptures in hydraulic cement, colored Plexiglas, paint and other industrial materials, using a minimalistic vocabulary that creates heirlooms of imaginary experiences.


Her sculptures are born from an introspective imaginary exploration, from places that she finds in herself; her work represents states of mind in which the viewer can easily reflect. Esther's sculptures are sounds, colors, lights, all translated into an abstract geometric aesthetic, into minimalistic forms able to tell the human being nuances and emotions.





Lori is the iconic female shape belonging to PORTRAIT Eyewear’s Neon Collection. Dedicated to Lori Hersbergher’s artwork, this eyewear plays with light just like Hersbergher's work would do.


 Lori; Esther Ruiz, Neon, Portrait


Colors and reflections, together with sinuous lines, illuminate the wearer's face framing their features. Sunglasses with a sensual and intriguing femininity simultaneously of a strong and well-defined personality: Lori is the model for those who aren’t afraid of showing themselves in all their facets.