New Light, Liquid Fire. Lines of pure light that draw images, words, poems. Born in the 1910s as form of advertising, the neon lights widespread during the following decade and today, this undisputed protagonist of the current artistic scene, meets contemporary design in the new NEON collection by PORTRAIT Eyewear.


Round and geometric lines intertwine, color mixes create unexpected veilings. The NEON collection plays with the sinuous design as well as with the light, folding the light tubes and transforming them into eyewear, able to enhance the wearer’s character.





Opaque acetate finishes recall frosted glass as well as the fire that burns within; pastel colors recall the neon signs when turned-off and seen under the early sunrise.


Temples combine its metal core with acetate, simulating the internal mechanism of a light bulb. And like the lower part of these frames, the temples' section is round, adding three-dimensionality and softness to the design.


Each model of the NEON collection represents a tribute to a renown neon artist.





Robert Montgomery


Robert Montgomery, to whom the Robert model is dedicated, transforms neon into poetry.


His verses inflame the city sky, his words bend the light and stand against the twilight urban flashes. Tender and disenchanted, intimate and simultaneously powerful, Montgomery's poems transform the metropolis into an anthology to be read, when looking upwards or within ourselves.





Robert by PORTRAIT Eyewear


The Robert Tortoise model by PORTRAIT Eyewear is inspired at Montgomery's fire poems.


The balance between sinuous and sharp lines creates a unique design, minimalistic but at the same time of a strong personality.


The inflamed Montgomery’s words get captured into eyewear, suitable for those who look at the city lights from a daily urban-poetry point of view.