Top Fashion Tips to Look Great in 2022!

With the fashion industry in costant evolution, it can be difficult to keep up with trends. Even micro-trends, popularized through TikTok and fashion influencers are born and gone in the blink of an eye.

But worry not! We want to give you some tips that will benefit your style and  don't seem to be going out of fashion anytime sooner. 


Mix it up with style!

How can you mix colors and inspirations and still pull off a cohesive outfit? Learning how to layer is probably the best option, especially during the upcoming cold season when layering is a practical choice, other than a fashion necessity. It's all about choosing your colors wisely!

Either minimalist or colorful outfits require a certain degree of color pairing for great results. You can also express your creativity layering certain types of fabric and textures, or playing with length as well. Feel free to experiment until you find what works for you.


Discover your personal style!

Finding your own fashion takes time and there are no fixed rules for that. Style consultants encourage taking more chances and experimenting with original models that you wouldn't generally choose! The right garments have to fit great but most of all need to "feel right".

You can develop your personal style by scouting the internet for inspiration. Whenever you notice an outfit or a specific style you admire on Social Media, try looking at the caption and discovering what specific pieces they're wearing. Moodboards on Pinterest can also be of great help and fashion magazines are still highly popular, with many of them easily accessible online.

Sometimes you don't even have to search that far. You surely have some pieces in your wardrobe you would never give away, that make you feel amazing when you wear them! What's the specific thing you love about them? Try finding out what they all have in common.


Shop consciously!

How many times do you look at your wardrobe and notice lots of clothes that you've never worn? Instead of constant shopping sprees, you could focus on clothes you really love and are more long-lasting. Turning shopping into a wiser experience will optimise your outfit combinations and save your money in the long run!

With many popular brands going "green" and promoting sustainability, encouraging a more conscious approach to fashion is now of great importance. This desire for change has conquered the luxury fashion world as well, with Farfetch starting their "Positively Farfetch 2030" project and pioneers like Stella McCartney who paved the way for this trend.


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In a world of everchanging trends and needs, it is essential to ensure that quality, vision and story behind a product resonate with the current spirit of the times.

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