This Year in Accessory Fashion

2021 marks a year of great expression in accessory fashion, with boundaries being pushed and art from all eras (from classic to ultramodern) pouring color and variety into the latest popular fashion shows.

Accessories played an important role in this change of direction, becoming trendy and popular again.

Diversity is this the keyword in 2021 and what conveys variety like accessories?

If you're thinking of going out wearing your favorite flowery dress why not carry an oversized wicker bag with you? What about a bright golden link chain to add that touch of prestige to your elegant blazer?

Instead of being a limiting option, accessories in 2021 seem to be the perfect choice that will make your fashion statement even stronger, the essential addition to your outfit.

An original bag, a cool hat or even a necklace tell a story on their own, but once you combine them with your favorite wardrobe picks, that's where magic happens!

Let's have a look at the most interesting trends of 2021 in accessory fashion!


Jewels: an accessory trend in the spotlight!


Jewelry has often been linked to exclusive elegance but times have changed! Jewels are now casual accessories that will light up your outfit, making your character stand out, no matter your style. You won't need to exaggerate either, because even a small touch of sparkle can do wonders!

Fashion trend experts report that in 2021 it's not unusual to spot a golden chain, decorative bracelets, or even a pair of large round earrings matched with a casual and even sporty outfit. Not to mention that, in the necessity of waist-up fashion for business Zoom calls, a necklace or a great earpiece can be life savers!

For fashion enthusiasts who like pushing boundaries, when it comes to accessories, the more you dare, the better.

New collections of earrings by Patou or Isabel Marand include some real conversation starters. Large in size, baroque golden earpieces require a certain degree of bravery but can be really fun to wear!


Oversized bags are taking over the accessory world!


There has been a renewed interest in bags, especially oversized . The so called "hobo" bags, tote bags and even beach bags are a creative and quirky way to boost your outfit and add a touch of color. Also, a spacious bag makes travelling much easier! 

Latest fashion shows by Loewe and Bottega Veneta confirmed the comeback of the oversize bag craze. And the Maison Margiela's puffer bag was definitely one of the most iconic and memorable pieces 2021!

Small handbags and purses seemed to be the staple in the last few years, but maybe the necessity of a more practical accessory helped boost the comeback of clutches, satchels and totes that fit your laptop, phone charger when moving around the city.


Hats: the accessory that goes with everything!


Headwear never went out of fashion, as seen in the last years with the unexpected revival of the bucket hat amongst younger fashion enthusiasts. In recent popular fashion shows, even baseball caps were spotted too. 

How do you make a hat the appropriate addition to your outfit? Style consultants are cautious on being too random. Pick your hat carefully based on your choice of clothing, matching color, texture and type. Once your style is defined, it will be much easier to match the perfect hat and you will never leave the house without one. You'll be amazed by the results!


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