How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Eyewear Fashion

With the speed at which technology is providing sophisticated solutions to human experience, it is inevitable that the eyewear industry had to take part in this groundbreaking evolution.

With the contribution of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, the traditional shopping experience of choosing and buying eyewear is destined to change drastically. 

Recent product launches showed us how smart glasses could become more sooner than later the new the standard for eyewear lovers.


Virtual Try-on and Augmented Reality for an Improved Shopping Experience

 Virtual Technology on Smartphone

Every brand with a solid on-line presence needs to provide solutions to make a shopping experience the best possible. Implementing a Virtual Try-on option, through which one can see how a specific pair of glasses looks on them, is now a standard practice rather than a plus.

Predictably, Virtual Try-on engineers had to take things to the next level and here's where Augmented Reality comes into the picture. Tools that scan the shape of your face and give specific frame recommendations are going to be available sooner than we expect, now that the Metaverse is starting to become a reality, no pun intended.

These AI tools can go as far as analyzing your social media presence to get a sense of your style and even suggest specific frames that will detect your emotions and react to your mood. How do you feel about shopping for your favorite sunnies in a virtual brick-and-mortar store in the Metaverse?


New Technology for Virtual Eye Exams

 Virtual eye exam

Let's not forget how this combination of virtual and augmented reality could have a positive impact in the eyecare industry as well.

Experts predict that VR visors will soon be able to deliver accurate eye tests, projecting a light into the back of the eye to detect problems, determining a digital prescription that will be sent directly to your email inbox.

As Apple's CEO Tim Cook said, technology must aim to "amplify human performance instead of isolating and enclosing them".

New smartphone apps that perform medical eye exams in developing countries are already in roll-out testings. In places where eyecare labs are unavailable for different reasons, this solution could make a huge difference.


3D-printed Frames

3D Printed glasses

How many times have you bought a pair of glasses on-line and pictured yourself showing off your frames? Sadly, the fit wasn't that great, and the color looked different.

Hassles like these are bound to never happen again. Pairing super accurate biometric analysis of your facial structure, cheekbones and skin tone with 3D-printing technology will produce frames that will fit your face and taste with zero margin of error. Besides ensuring an impeccable shopping experience, this technology will be a game changer even for the most picky accessory aficionado. Isn't that something?




The debate whether these new technologies will stay or leave is on fire! Regardless, Big Tech companies are making huge investments while estabilished eyewear brands and smaller independent outlets are looking into new forms of enhanced digital fashion solutions. A clear hint of many new possibilities ahead and potentially upcoming turning points in fashion culture.


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