Eyewear Trends: The Latest Styles of 2021

Adaptability is one of the many challenges eyewear designers have to face when it comes to product design and marketing. It is essential to be always aware of the latest eyewear trends, especially after these recent times of drastic changes that hit the fashion world.

In light of these challenges, 2021 marks a year of new and exciting shifts in tendencies and styles. If you want to be in tune with the times, here are the latest trends you might not want to miss!


Color Matching - You Are in Control!


Color Matching


Color matching is mainly associated to layering garments rather than pairing the right accessory. New trends in 2021 suggest that eyewear customers have radically changed their usual approach with more care to how their eyewear model pairs to the complexion or even the hair color instead.

Also, keep in mind that color matching is not only about frames, but lenses too!

Widely popularized by rockstars in the ‘70s, eyewear pieces with matched colored frames and lenses made a strong comeback this year, also thanks to TikTok influencers and mainstream brands including them in their fashion shows.

Have a look at our collection and find out what model matches your outfit or highlights your complexion!


Transparent Frames - Style and Versatility


Transparent Frames


Clear frames have been widely popular for years among Scandinavian eyewear enthusiasts but only recently they became one of the most sought-after trends all over the world!

When choosing the right piece of eyewear, transparent frames can be very helpful since they are easy to match with any color you are wearing and they suit perfectly with any skin tone. 

Being more lowkey than darker or colored frames, transparent glasses can give you more space to experiment with layering. A larger transparent eyewear model will allow you to match with any color you prefer and even let you take braver chances with your make up.

With the rise in interest for clothing and accessories made in clear renewable plastic, designers from all over the world are featuring more and more transparent pieces in their latest collections as well.

We styled some of our frames creatively, using totally clear plastic or giving them a little hint of color. See for yourself!


Oversized Glasses - A Fashion Statement


Oversized Glasses


Large frames never really went out-of-fashion. Since the early '60s until this very year, they have been an evergreen staple in the unpredictable world of eyewear.

For enthusiasts to whom accessories are out-and-out statements, oversized glasses are always the right choice.

A bold, thick and large frame has the power to accentuate style and personality. Even for product designers, working on this specific type of frame allows more room for creativity and to experiment with shapes and colors.

We love large frames! Explore our collection and check them out!


Trendy Tortoiseshell Glasses - A Unique Vibe


Trendy Tortoiseshell Glasses


No matter what pattern or color you choose. Frames in tortoiseshell are still one of the most popular and loved trends among eyewear aficionados.

What makes tortoiseshell frames so trendy is their absolute versatility. They can be worn in any season, at any time and their unisex appeal makes them the right choice for men and women of any skin complexion, hair color and face shape. 

Yet, regardless of their wide adaptability, they still bring a unique chic and intellectual vibe to the table.

Which of our models in Tortroiseshell would you choose?


Narrow Retro Frames - Back to the Future!


Narrow Retro Frames


On a fine line between a retro-vintage look and a futuristic design, narrow frames made a strong comeback in 2021, especially after an impressive cultural revival of the 80s.

This type of frame speaks more to newer generations of eyewear enthusiasts, who take more risks when it comes to choosing accessories to match their outfit.

Regardless of age or background, a quirky and unique pair of narrow frames could still be an amazing addition to your favorite accessories collection.

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In other words...

In a world of everchanging trends and needs, it is of vital importance to make sure that the quality, vision and story behind the product all resonate with the current spirit of the times.

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