Our self-PORTRAIT is ours, personal, unique.  

It is partly what we show and project. Partly what others perceive. 

Either way, social conventions or stigmas could filter ourselves through the lens of fear. Insecurities and social anxiety, as well as others pre-conceptions and judgment, can mutilate our essence.  

Unless we embrace it all: the qualities and the flaws. 

PORTRAIT ® Eyewear’s new campaign reminds us of the beauty behind our individuality. 

The new GLITCH series, inspired in video and digital forms of art, <like it's used for the art-oriented brand> is taken as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of accepting (thus looking at) the full picture.

Under the claim "Yes, I'm Glitched" the characters embodying the many personality-shades we all have, remind us that our glitches, flaws or "scars" are nothing but ours.

They shall not shame us, nor define us. They're just part of the whole. 

We know it, we accept it, we claim it, we show it. PORTRAIT ® Eyewear frames it. 

The brand's purpose to recognize the wearer's uniqueness without intromission, steps into a new level. Through the display of 4 eccentrically beautiful shapes, PORTRAIT ® figures its audience as fearlessly aware and proudly GLITCHED. 

Learn more about the new series here.

"You won't see my PORTRAIT until you wee my GLITCH".