Why is Creativity so Important to PORTRAIT?

Robin Cerutti, Photographer | PORTRAIT Art Incubator Artist


Can you imagine a world without creativity?

We rarely stop and notice how many of our daily routines, passions and even work related tasks rely on our creative energy.

If you think about it, most of the incredible achievements and social changes we obtained as humans wouldn't be possible without creativity.

So, it's safe to say that artists literally make the world go around and this is why we care so much about our community of and try our best to support it and see it thrive.

So, how do we care?


Building a community of creatives

Creatives for PORTRAIT's 2022 campaign
A director and a screenwriter brainstorming ideas before shooting

When we created PORTRAIT it was all about staying true to our original vision:

Handmade frames of the highest quality with a strong artistic identity, rooted in our passion for aesthetics and design.

We instantly understood that the best way to pursue that vision was to truly pay attention to artists and become a landmark for creative individuals from all walks of life whose desire is to share their art to the world.


PORTRAIT's Art Incubator

Costanza Kramer's work

„0067-02-500“, 2019, Jacquardweave, 205 x 145 cm by Costanza Kramer, PORTRAIT's Art Incubator

The Art Incubator exists as a natural extension of this vision, which is to connect the community of artists with potential partners and investors who perceive ART as a long-term form of investment.

The purpose is to build a platform for artists around the world, incubate their talent under the slogan “PORTRAIT Frames the Artist in You” and bridge them with potential sponsors and/or buyers, while positioning their talent in the mainstream arena.

In our quest to forge a thriving community of creatives, PORTRAIT carefully selects their artists with a thorough yet inclusive criteria, welcoming visual artists but also musicians, photographers and illustrators and providing them with a  supportive framework of professionals that help artists through strategic marketing campaigns, fundraising and PR activities.

PORTRAIT's 2022 Creative Campaign

PORTRAIT's artist campaign
The director, the graphic designer, the influencer and the writer. Creativity has no boundaries

While it's true that many artists gravitate around PORTRAIT and our art inspired frames, we want to make a point that creativity has uncountable forms and expressions.

We cherish and love any form of creative output as each person has their own concept of art and their personal truth.

Our creative campaign for 2022 shows creative individuals in their creative environment, doing what they love and feel is their natural purpose.

We have always strived to celebrate any art form and expression and it feels right to have the creative community take the spotlight.


Want to know more about our artist community and our activities?

Have a look at PORTRAIT's Art Incubator page, our community of artists which are part of our ecosystem or follow us on Instagram for more art related content!