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What is a fashion show anyway?

Do they consist of beautiful clothing brands displaying themselves through beautiful people, up and down a runway? (Usually wearing uncomfortable accessories?)

When silhouettes appear on the runway during a fashion show, creativity, innovation, colors, fabrics, and design trends almost inject life into the wearers, the models.

Funnily it's not the people, but the clothing to be alive.

Models are mainly a means of display, and fashion shows a tribute to beautiful “objects.” Worn by people, also beautiful, as much as the clothing requires them to be.

But who’s judging.

Fashion is an adorable subject, at least for aesthetes (like us).

But naturally, not ALL are invited, like not everyone at school can get into the football team, win the math contests or made the school choir. 

This is why street style is the answer to a more crowd-driven fashion. The street becomes an open space for emerging fashion brands and for fashion lovers and aspirings. And the guerrilla becomes the free ticket for those uninvited players.

Created by PORTRAIT Eyewear, AAAUnbranded, and Italian Rêve, IMPOSTOR[E] is a street fashion movement that displays experimental emerging brands right in front of the consolidated fashion performers (literally in the front street). Meaningful clothing designed and produced by fashion freaks with the passion to invest. 

You’ll see the IMPOSTOR[E], right there, you’ll recognize them, and you’ll probably recognize yourself too. We’re all somehow them, at some point.

IMPOSTOR[E]  consists, just like the fashion shows, of beautiful clothing brands displaying themselves through beautiful people. 

But these people are alive.

Oh yes, they’re survivors. 

They’re impostors.

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