Robin Cerutti

Robin Cerutti is a French and Canadian artist based in Montréal. His goal is to make people dream with reality. He believes in simple beauty.

With his photographs, he loves playing with the viewer's mind and likes to show what could be seen through a different prospective. Robin is invested in sharing raw emotions and touching people with a simple click.

Robin, who holds a phD in microelectronics, first entered into the world of photography in 2006. At the time, while working for IBM in New York, his artwork emerged and it started getting recognition and requests in the art / fashion scene. 

In 2008 he moved to Canada and became a full-time artist in 2011. Since then, his work has been featured in national exhibitions, as well as in Mexico, France, Belgium and the United States.

Mirror - genevieve (2012) 


He always used photography as a medium to escape and challenge the first perception of reality. His background as a researcher makes his approach to the creative process analog to the scientific method, which is through continuous testing and exploration. Robin generally works on different series at the same time. 

For instance, "Mirror" is part of the Real-Surreal serie, in which the total reflection of light inside the water is used to create a dreamy universe. 

Mirror - les marches - 1


"Lookup" is another one where scenes are seen from the water through the diffraction effect of the surface.

Lookup - lea


PartsOfLife Life shows some instants frozen through photography in a non standing state. 

Parts of life - madrid (2011)


"Presence" is a portrait serie started in 2013 where subject’s faces are deconstructed on their own body. It drives to a double reading anamorphose where the viewer's vision is looping continuously from the face to the body and from the body to the face.

Presence - matea 9931 2017


His art became more and more abstract over time. During the Covid pandemic he compensated for the lack of human interaction by creating "Natural Digital", a serie he started in his bathtub where he creates photographs that seem to be digital but are in fact real. 

Natural Digital - redzone (2021) 


Natural Digital - The tree (2021) 


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