Monia Merlo

Born in 1970 in Italy, in a small town near to Venice.
After finishing her studies, she teamed her work as an architect with her passion about Art and Photography, making it her main expression medium.

Nascosto nell'umore della primavera

Monia  currently works as a freelance photographer, her work is mainly focused on fashion, including prestigious collaborations with famous brands and magazines. Her photos find inspiration in literature, poetry, nature and her most inner feelings.
They are means of creation, research and development of a work which undergoes a constant evolution, as well as being a way to represent, through fragile feminine bodies, the artist's search of herself.


She is endowed with a painting style, and has exhibited her work in some museums and several exhibitions. Her pictures have been published in various magazines, books, newspapers and other media. 
Some of her works are represented by Art + Commerce New York, Sakura Gallery in Paris and Trevillon UK. 

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