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Luca Bais

With a perhaps unaware 90s look but an intentional sense of himself, Luca Zambelli, is a 27-year-old Italian singer who brings to the local music arena something different from the so-called ItPop usually made of predictable refrains, not to mention the references to the trendy 80s synth-pop culture, so exploited today.

Luca was born in Udine, grew up in Bassano del Grappa and then transferred to Milan. He’s already released four singles: “Milano”, “La Luna al Sole”, “Vorrei” and “Dejà vù”, songs where two sides of the singer coexist: one laid-back and cheerful, one more introspective and bittersweet of melancholic melodies.

After the first showcases at Spaghetti Unplugged and at the Circolo Ohibò, his path has become more mature and convincing.

Undoubtedly influenced by the charming and good-natured Mac DeMarco, the Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer known for his mellow tunes and amiably scruffy musical style described as "blue wave" and "slacker rock", or, what he’s called himself as "jizz jazz"; Luca Bais is a worth-listening-to musician and the result of an interesting mix between Frah Quintale, Generica Animal, Ainé and Colombre.

In October 2020 he released his first EP “Apnea” for Sugar Music.

In the 2020, Luca Bais has taken part in PORTRAIT Eyewear’s yearly artists campaign. The independent Italian brand therefore known for its relation to contemporary art and for designing experimental opticals and sunglasses inspired by different artistic movements has kept its mission of becoming a channel of endorsement for emerging figures.

Honouring its name, the brand uses the release of new products as an opportunity to “portray” interesting new artists that deserve people’s attention. Creators that “we claim to be the real models of society”, says Valentina Hernandez - CEO of the company, “thus reinforcing the vision of creativity, courage and innovation the world needs”.

In year 2020 "COME. HAVE A SEE_" Artists' CAMPAIGN invites the audience to go through the artists eyes. To look beyond their own reflection, up to their intimate world.

A welcoming permission to"see" instead of to "seat", inside.

Whereas the reverse shot of the campaign shows an abstraction of the artists' introspective space. A PORTRAIT of their (ART) self.

Luca’s influences show a trend that is emerging in the field of Italian music, that of an authentic indie rock without auto-tuning effects but full of captivating and evergreen psychedelic sensations, sounds born from vintage equipment that capture the listener in a sincere dream of alienation. A style that promises the new talent the right way to go, still long, but of musical honesty and contemporary vision.