JUURI is a Tokyo-born Japanese+American artist currently working from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her colorful figure-driven work is inspired by traditional Japanese art interpreted through a modern fashion photography feel. She often references Japanese history, folklore, or kabuki plays as recurring themes.

Sukeroku + Ben-Kei 

Ushiwakamaru + Fuji Musume 牛若丸と藤娘

“My murals and paintings are heavily influenced by Japanese bijinga (artworks of beautiful women), yakusha-e (artworks of Kabuki actors), and modern fashion photography. As a 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Caucasian person born in Japan and relocated to the United States at a young age, my entire life has been a combination of East and West. This juxtaposition of such opposing cultures was at times beautiful, and at times (especially when I was younger,) a struggle. My art is therefore my authentic way of deconstructing the inside of my mind and finding my way home to a place which is both excitingly new, and full of the comfort of my early childhood and original home.” 

The Last Service

Painting of the ferocious teenage samurai Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa. Purchased by Israeli actor Lior Raz. 

JUURI’s murals and art can be seen in many cities all across the US. Her clients include Asian restaurants, hotels, urban renewal initiatives, and high caliber international collectors in the UK, Israel, and Japan.

Her first museum show “Beyond the Wall” (with 4 other Asian-American artists) will open in May at the Morikami Museum & Gardens near Miami Florida and will be on view until September 2022.

The Medicine Peddler - 外郎売 - 


Visit JUURI's work here: https://www.juuriart.com/shibaraku-to-the-world
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