Giacomo Carmagnola

You've surely heard about the Glitch Art movement, an artistic digital discipline mainly used in Video Art, but also present in illustration and art installations, that leverages the concept of transforming the “interference”, yet the digital error, into the ultimate element of beauty.

Artwork: Caligula

That’s certainly at the center of Giacomo Carmagnola’s artwork. The under thirty Italian artist who has interpreted the Glitch Art, favoring one specific glitchy effect, the pixel sorting. A technique that selectively orders pixels in the rows and columns of an image, invented and popularized by Kim Asendorf, the conceptual/ experimental German artist whose work ranges from the media to the digital arena, transporting elements of the Internet back and forth, into the real world.

Artwork: As Long as the Boat Goes

Giacomo Carmagnola’s innovation relies on the use of the pixel sorting effect in an absolutely aesthetic-driven way. The pixel, usually applied in the most total destructive form of the image, is instead incorporated as a pattern, resulting in recognizable, however astonishing and impactful images. The points of light and shadow are compacted, creating a "digital waterfall", completely different from the original matrix.

Artwork: GWM

His interest in collages, fully explored by the artist since 2014, led to a personal reinterpretation that combines iconic historic images, thus creating a union between classic photography and glitch art.

Artwork: PRK


In the 2020 Giacomo Carmagnola has taken part in PORTRAIT Eyewear’s yearly artists' campaign. The independent Italian brand therefore known for its relation to contemporary art and for designing experimental opticals and sunglasses, has kept its mission of becoming a channel of endorsement for emerging figures.

Honouring its name, the brand uses the release of new products as an opportunity to “portray” interesting new artists that deserve people’s attention. Creators that “we claim to be the real models of society”, says Valentina Hernandez - CEO of the company, “thus reinforcing the vision of creativity, courage and innovation the world needs”.

In the year 2020 "COME. HAVE A SEE_" Artists' CAMPAIGN invites the audience to go through the artists eyes. To look beyond their own reflection, up to their intimate world.

A welcoming permission to"see" instead of to "seat", inside.

Whereas the reverse shot of the campaign shows an abstraction of the artists' introspective space. A PORTRAIT of their (ART) self.

Giacomo Carmagnola’s artwork spans from the intervention in ancient aesthetics, surmounted by bright colours, as well as the revisiting of dated portraits and statues. Over time he has also dedicated himself to modern subjects, applying this effect to trending news photographs and creating illustrations for renown brands, music bands and cinematography.

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