Francesca Lando

Francesca Lando is a visual artist. She creates immersive installations, often inspired by the intersections of science and spirituality and developed through interdisciplinary collaborations. She is also the founder of Immuto, an ever changing collective of artists and ideas creating transformational spaces and stories that explore human connections. 

Her fascination with the transformational power of spaces and embodied knowledge is intertwined with the storytelling experience she gathered in the marketing world. Her projects play with our senses and sense of self to tell stories that cannot be told with words alone, in a long term research on the themes of identity and union.

Public art works so far include: Invisible Labyrinth 2021, an installation and video choreography for Spazio Leonardo Milano in collaboration with UNA gallery; Once Upon Us 2019, a cross-disciplinary installation, workshop and debate in collaboration with Queen Mary University and London Festival of Architecture; Light of the Forest 2018-2019, an immersive and sensory installation selected for Art Fair Finland 2019.


Invisible Labyrinth 2021

Invisible Labyrinth is an immersive installation and video choreography offering a new interpretation of the current pandemic and related social challenges. In this project, the labyrinth takes an ambiguous meaning: it is a physical, social and spiritual space we could both lose and find ourselves in. Like in a mirror maze without walls, in Invisible Labyrinth one’s reflection can be found in the other. Through meanders and the individual’s gaze, identities gradually become collectivity.

Invisible Labyrinth, 2021 from Immuto on Vimeo.

A project by Francesca Lando and Riccardo Buscarini. Video and photography by Studio Mazza.


Once Upon Us 2019

Once Upon Us is an immersive installation, cross-disciplinary debate and workshop for scientists. Inspired by the latest epigenetics research on how memories could move across generations through DNA coding, Once Upon Us explores ancestral memory and the blurring boundaries of our individuality across space and time.Once Upon Us, 2019 from Immuto on Vimeo.


A project by Francesca Lando, Alessandro Baldessari, Riccardo Buscarini. Photography and video by Alessandro Mariscalco.


Light of the Forest 2018-2019

Light of the Forest is an immersive art installation and sensory experience inspired by ancient shamanic rituals and the cycle of seasons. A mindful journey into the forest of our subconscious - through light, sound, scent and movement - that challenges our perception of reality and explores how we can reconnect with our sense of self and the world. Light of the Forest, 2018-2019 from Immuto on Vimeo.

A project by Francesca Lando, Beatrice Bertolini, Katerina Chanioti, The Herball, Saku Kamarainen, Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Billur Turan. Voice by Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh. Photography by Henri Vogt, video by Henri Vogt edited by Alessandro Mariscalco.


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