Originating from Cork in Ireland, Fin DAC has defined and perfected an atypical paint and stencil style that defies the ‘laws’ of street art on many levels. 

Fin DAC is a self-taught, non-conformist urban artist who ignores the accepted visual languages of street art almost completely. He calls it Urban Aesthetics and by following this aspiration, he shies away from the art and gallery scene, preferring instead to travel and paint to broaden his mind and his creativity. His art is characterised by an unusual delicate and soft spray paint style, often depicting Asian females. It is indeed an art intended for the viewers as Fin DAC leaves it up to them to get whatever they want from his craft by deliberately being ambiguous about it’s content.

1.2m x 1.8m
Acrylic and spray on wood panel
Valkyrja (left)  |   Odettia (right)
16” x 16”
Direct print to hand-brushed aluminium panel
1.2 x 1.8m
Acrylic and spray on wood panel

Noa Noa
Mural  |  La Mission, Tahiti