Emiliano Donaggio

 Emiliano Donaggio is an international artist, painter, sculptor and fashion & furniture designer. If you don’t know him yet, you will probably do very soon since celebs such as Elton John, Robin Williams and Madonna have been wearing his jackets and his bags.

Emiliano was born in 1975 in Lido, Venice where he is still based and continuous to create with big success. His Italian style is extravagant, appealing for strong artistic individuals, based on the use of recycled materials and influenced by graffiti and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The mixed colors, inscriptions and dates create his own microcosm of apparent disorder. Elements such as the date of his birth or the words: KILLER, ART, HELP, CROCODILE (an allusion to the Elton John’s song), ADIDAS, LOVE, WAR, FINISH, NO PROBLEM and so on, are frequently repeated.

The Story of an Artist: Emiliano Donaggio
Short-film | 2' 35" | 2017
Produced by Portrait Eyewear
Directed by Johnny Carrano 


The artist and his muse.
Images taken from the artist's Instagram profile @emilianodonaggio  | 2019
Custom box for PORTRAIT Eyewear
Acrilyc on FSC cardboard | 2017


Learn more about Emiliano at www.emilianodonaggio.com