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Elena Xausa is an Italian illustrator born in Verona in 1984. Her style is of an essential design focused on the synthesis of concepts with a strong meaning.

The elements that take part in Elena's artwork regard her own cultural references and daily life where many experiences converge like having lived in various cities, from Berlin to New York and of course, Northern Italy, where she currently resides to follow personal projects.

Her collaborations include drawing for The New Yorker, known for its illustrations over the decades, as well as The New York Times, New York Mag, Reader’s Digest, NBC, among many other international magazines, not to mention her work for top clients such as Apple, Nike SB, Adidas and Yoox .

Artwork: New York Times -Notifications

Her drawings have also come to life through projects that include window displays (La Rinascente), sculptures and interactive installations. Being one of the most interesting, The New York Times’ Crossword Campaign, puzzle-boards done in collaboration with other visual artists that popped up around cities in the US, encouraging players to challenge their intelligence during downtime.

Artwork: The New Yorker - Jia Tolentino’s article on social media (LEFT) / "Soho house" - Raven Smith’s article on Cosmopolitan (RIGHT)

Some of Elena’s favorite artists are figures like Geoff McFetridge, Steinberg and John Alcorn. But her work speaks for itself, with an undeniable identity, a sharp sense of humor and irony. Images that picture characters with human-like features, thus placed in unconventional contexts.

Artwork: “What are you doing tomorrow Milan?” for Apple Store Opening - Milan


In year 2020 Elena Xausa has taken part in PORTRAIT Eyewear’s artists campaign. The independent Italian brand known for its relation to contemporary art and for designing experimental opticals and sunglasses, has kept its mission of becoming a channel of endorsement for emerging figures.

 Honouring its name, the brand uses the release of new products as an opportunity to “portray” new artists that deserve people’s attention. Creators that “we claim to be the real models of society”, says Valentina Hernandez - CEO of the company, “thus reinforcing the vision of creativity, courage and innovation the world needs”.

"COME. HAVE A SEE_" Artists' CAMPAIGN invites the audience to go through the artists eyes. To look beyond their own reflection, up to their intimate world.

A welcoming permission to"see" instead of to "seat", inside.

Whereas the reverse shot of the campaign shows an abstraction of the artists' introspective space. A PORTRAIT of their (ART) self.

Elena’s stylized images address controversial and profoundly interesting meaning. They reflect our changes in habits according to the new forms of "normality" and the evolution of human society, expressed without prejudice or fear, but with an acute sense of observation.

In step with the times both on a cultural and aesthetic level, the universality of the visual language becomes the channel for the narrative of trend topics, emphasized through amusing illustrations. Assertive scenes that are represented through the use of color contrasts, black and white, with a preference for pastels but a broad spectrum that also includes images rich in saturated colours.

Visit Elena Xausa's work here: https://www.elenaxausa.com/
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