Meet CERA, Italian street & conceptual artist based in Bassano del Grappa. His work connects with an unwary side in ourselves. You’ll get caught in a dream you knew was possible, recognise its familiarity and remember how real it felt. Uncovered, partially covered, mutable but steady.  Intriguing and reserved, see it twice, you may feel its honesty and uncompromised nudity.

"San Cristoforo in laguna"
240 x 160 cm | Acrylic on wood | 2018
Private Collection 


The many PORTRAITs of an artist. That’s CERA. See the attentive eyes fixed on the camera? Be aware, the Artist is being portrayed and he has many faces. ⠀


"770 gr"
Acrylic on natural stones


Learn more about Cera at ceraakacera.tumblr.com