Antonyo Marest

Photo credit: @cevicdesign

Antonyo Marest, born and raised in Alicante, Spain in 1987, is an international multidisciplinary artist who studied architecture and art in various European universities.

With an artistic language seeped in expertise and fixated on establish a connection with creativity in his work, we find in Art Deco the biggest of his references at the time of representing an inner creative content that, along with a contemporary base, serves as a new generator of content and contexts of a movement that will celebrate its centenary in this decade.

Photo credit: @mikiavila

In order to understand Marest’s type of work, which ranges from sculpture and paint to design, we must take into account that, in his growth as an artist, there exists elements from the environment that are deeply rooted in his creative self. To have grown up in a Mediterranean city that is more than a thousand years old, which has also been a harbor of cultures as well as an incomparable city landscape that transforms with sunlight during the day, is something that inspires creativity.

Game Over Pizza  – LA ’19

It also provides an innovative capacity enriched by the continuous voyages and studies of the environments of the most important countries of the world of Art Deco – countries like France, Morocco, the U.S., India, and so forth. 

The Golden State 19 Karen Gallery – Gold Coast ’19

Generated by its originality, his successful works have received international recognition and shows that Antonyo Marest is one of the main references in introducing new trends within urban art and new formats of expression in contemporary art.

My Flats '20

Within Marest’s works, we can observe abstractions that can be found in nature, such as the irradiation of light beams, the waves and fluids, the undulating clouds that generate impossible harmonic forms… Elements that incorporate movement dynamics to the outstanding chromatic discourse of his work, where color is the prevalent feature and establishes a conversation that goes far beyond the one that is established with the spectator: a conversation among content, formats and color and a call to reflection between abstract and formal elements and how, after an elaborate study of color, the sum of both opens to the public in a clean form that allows one to see the content of a work in a brilliantly clear format.A form of understanding art, architecture and the world in which we live, taking shape into works of art that transpose to the public harmony, beauty and reflection.

PORTRAIT model Interface, "Allegra" Limited Edition

PORTRAIT ® Eyewear and Antonyo Marest have given models Charlotte and Interface, both belonging to PORTRAIT’s Glitch series, a new different skin under the “Allegra” Limited Edition.
This special production features a joyful combination of colours, a skin that, applied to the Glitch-natural asymmetries, alludes to exotic styles, in other words, a recall to Marest’s Spanish Tropicalism.


PORTRAIT model Charlotte, "Allegra" Limited Edition


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