Drew Citron, guitar and lead singer of Brooklyn-based band "Beverly". Drew Citron may not only have the best name on the planet, but her new band BEVERLY may just be the coolest, on-the-rise outfit in today’s indie pop-rock scene. The band, which was originally conceived by Citron and singer Frankie Rose as a fun jam session, debuted its full-length album, Careers, on Kanine Records in 2014. (Jen Emmert / Boxx Magazine) BEVERLY blends '80s indie pop and '90s alternative into a catchy, happy mix that sounds very much at home in the 2010s. After the album's release, Frankie Rose left the band, while Drew Citron carried on with a new band member Scott Rosenthal on bass and guitar (Tim Sendra / All Music) Listen and support this band at www.wearebeverly.com www.https://thatssobeverly.bandcamp.com Original picture: Drew Citron & Scott Rosenthal for Heroine Magazine. Photography: Trent McGinn