We are proud to announce that Shélan O'Keefe from the Swellshark duo is now part of our artists' campaign!



The Chicago based singer tells us about her passion through these words:  “Music is an interdisciplinary practice for me and has been informed by many different facets of my life.


I write, sing, and play electric ukulele in the band Swellshark, which was created in 2013 with Henry Kellam, who plays bass and drums.


I consider close observation and a kind of self-imposed emotional synesthesia to be integral to my lifestyle, and in turn, the songs I create. Memories of sensations and conclusions become lyrical and melodic geodes that must be excavated, examined, and cataloged.



In the previous photo Shélan is wearing PORTRAIT Das Model sunglasses transparent

while in the car with Herny Kellan, also co-founder of the Swellshark band


Composing on the ukulele, which I find to be a very honest and bittersweet instrument, I often sit alone and experiment with patterns, trying innumerable combinations until a memory or scene is unlocked. Lyrics often start as notes I write to myself, forgotten for weeks and then viewed as artifacts of experience.


Since I was little, I’ve explored the concept of perception through filmmaking, photography, illustration, acting, and even scientific research. When I went to college, I chose a Cultural Studies major instead of a musical one, because it helped fuel an unending question: why do we think what we think? Or in the words David Byrne: And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?...


For me, this is what writing music is all about.”


Shélan was also a former actress with Grace is Gone as her first feature film, giving a complex and sophisticated performance as the eldest daughter of John Cusak, in one of his most accomplished performances of his career. This movie won the Audience Award and the award for Best Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. 


Grace is Gone John Cusak Sheelan Okeefe


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This band is now on tour in the USA!