HAPPY BIRTHDAY artist Degann!! Best wishes from the PORTRAIT team!


Photo credit: Degann & Femini Magazine.


Anne de Groot, AKA Degann, graduated from Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten Amsterdam in 2011.


Degann Artist Dutch Painter


Her paintings and watercolours are vivid and aesthetically liable images that sometimes disguise an atrabilious element. Mental vulnerability and transience are central themes in her work.


Degann Painting


The multiple layers in her paintings create an elusive form. Like light, the works are simultaneously fleeting and present. This corresponds with Degann's perception of paintings as breathing organisms.


This is why they are not made as mere artistic statements, but originate from a sincerely felt inner necessity. "I search for shapes that intrigue and convince me. In my portraits I do not paint faces, but heads, which for me creates a different sense of intimacy.


I see the face as a structured spatial order covering the head, which houses the soul"


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